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Breakfast Session 1 | 08.30 – 9.00
5 minutes for 1 idea
Innovation for clinical rehabilitation research
Naomi Lynn Gerber, Inova Health System (USA)

Patients’ web self-diagnosis and treatment: from don’ts to dos
Claudio Beltramello, GIMBE Foundation (Italy)

Automated, continuously updated, crowd-sourced evidence syntheses
Janet Martin, Western University (Canada)

Clinician dashboards: the time is now!
Julie Tilson, University of Southern California (USA)

Plenary Session A | 9.00 – 10.45
Keynote lectures
Increasing value and reducing waste of research: the REWARD recommendations
Paul Glasziou, Bond University (Australia)

EQUATOR Network: promises and results of reporting guidelines
Douglas Altman, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Selected presentations
Why do authors derive new cardiovascular clinical prediction rules if they already exist? A mixed methods study
Jong-wook Ban, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Evidence-Based Research to put research in the context of existing knowledge: a systematic review.
Hans Lund, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Norway)

A new instrument to assess the trustworthiness of effect modifiers
Stefan Schandelmaier, McMaster University (Canada)
Plenary Session B | 11.30 – 13.15
Keynote lectures
Trustworthiness of evidence: role and responsibilities of biomedical journals
Howard Bauchner, JAMA (USA)

From evidence to action in health policy making: a mission impossible?
Walter Ricciardi, National Institute of Health (Italy)

Selected presentations
Forecasting science: a strategy for planning research resources
Kathleen Oliver, Consultant at National Institute of Health (USA)

Adding value and reducing research waste: the role of the research management community
Virginia Minogue, National Health Service (United Kingdom)

Reducing research waste: the PenCLAHRC way        
Rebecca Abbott, PenCLAHRC (United Kingdom)

Parallel Session C | 14.30 – 16.15
Selected presentations

Core concepts required for an educational training in EBP: a Delphi survey 
Paul Glasziou, Bond University (Australia)

Teaching EBP: reflections from a transformative learning perspective           
Amanda Burls, City University of London (United Kingdom)

Assessment of reporting EBHC e-learning interventions in a Campbell systematic review
Nkengafac Villyen Motaze, Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

Use of digital storytelling to teach evidence-based breast imaging to radiography students: a case study
Cynthia Cowling, Monash University (Australia)

EBP profiles among bachelor students in health care: is there a difference between health disciplines?
Anne Kristine Snibsoer, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Norway)

Developing EBP competencies in nursing education
Hajar Senhaji, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

Do curriculum changes affect EBP competencies of speech-language therapy students?
Karin Neijenhuis, Rotterdam University of Applied Science (Netherlands)

Parallel Session D | 14.30 – 16.00
Selected presentations

From evidence to practice: reflections on collaborating and co-producing with the Sensory Trust
Noreen Orr and Rebecca Abbott, University of Exeter (United Kingdom)

The co-creation of knowledge for a patient-centered integrated healthcare system
Peter Tsasis, York University (Canada)

Training the current and future media professionals in Croatia on identifying, appraising and using reliable health-related information
Dario Sambunjak, Catholic University of Croatia (Croatia)

Implementing GRADE in a Canadian Health Authority           
Susan Chunick, Fraser Health Authority (Canada)

Developing clinical practice guidelines in Uzbekistan: collaborative efforts between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Ministry of Health
Makhmudkhan Sharapov, Centers for Desease Control and Prevention (Uzbekistan)

Completeness of reporting in observational studies: effects of prior formal training in research methodology
José Andrés Calvache, Universidad del Cauca (Colombia)

Workshops | 16.30 – 18.00
Making results of patient-important outcomes interpretable: options for systematic reviewers
Gordon Guyatt, McMaster University (Canada)

Making sense of results: statistics for the terrified
Amanda Burls, City University of London (United Kingdom)

Working group | 16.30 – 18.00
Resources for teaching EBM, shared decision-making and overdiagnosis
Paul Glasziou, Bond University (Australia)

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