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  • Search summary tables for systematic review: making the search process more efficient and transparent
    Rebecca Abbott, PenCLAHRC (United Kingdom)
  • Searching for implementation evidence: identifying commonly used terms in systematic reviews of implementation in healthcare
    Rebecca Abbott, PenCLAHRC (United Kingdom)
  • Comprehensive educational needs assessment of EBP in health policymakers and managers
    Mahasti Alizadeh Mizani, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (Islamic Republic of Iran)
  • How to express EBHC: advances bring clearer decisional emphasis
    Brian Alper, EBSCO (USA)
  • What predicts independent external validation of cardiovascular risk clinical prediction rules? Cox proportional hazards regression analyses
    Jong-wook Ban, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
  • Engagement and partnership in the conception, design, implementation and evaluation of the 5As team program
    Denise Campbell-scherer, University of Alberta (Canada)
  • The awareness and knowledge of EBM in the international orthopedics community: a questionnaire survey
    Greta Castellini, University of Milan (Italy)
  • Describing a user-centred approach to developing key questions for a clinical guideline for general practitioners
    Samantha Chakraborty, Monash University (Australia)
  • Selecting tools to assist general practitioners in diagnosing and assessing the severity of work-related mental health conditions
    Samantha Chakraborty, Monash University (Australia)
  • Multidimensional assessment of women with ovarian cancer: increasing value of health research
    Francesco De Vincenzo, University of Parma (Italy)
  • Enhancing state policymakers’ ability to use research evidence
    Martha Gerrity, Oregon Health & Science University (USA)
  • Rapid reviews to inform state health policy decisions
    Martha Gerrity, Oregon Health & Science University (USA)
  • Multidisciplinary biopsychosocial rehabilitation for chronic low back pain: the need to present minimal important differences units in meta-analyses
    Silvia Eleonora Gianola, University of Milano Bicocca (Italy)
  • Usefullness of the TRIPOD guideline to a prediction model development improvement (PREDICE-SCORE)
    Agustin Gomez De La Camara, Hospital 12 de Octubre Research Institute (Spain)
  • Transitional cares in hematology: a systematic review
    Giovanna Milena Guarinoni, University of Brescia (Italy)
  • A call for proper worldwide vaccine side-effect studies
    Wouter Havinga, NHS General Practitioner (United Kingdom)
  • The future of evidence in an age of alternative facts
    Bruce Hugman, Uppsala Monitoring Centre (Thailand)
  • Differences in post-operative bowel function and ileus between right and left sided radical colorectal resections
    Ben Liu, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (United Kingdom)
  • How can we reduce vulnerability to misleading persuasion?
    Peter Mansfield, Healthy Skepticism Inc (Australia)
  • Does knowledge brokering improve the quality of rapid review proposals? A before-after study
    Gabriel Moore, Sax Institute (Australia)
  • Translating clinical guidelines into performance measurements: the ECIBC example on breast cancer
    Luciana Neamtiu, European Commission Joint Research Centre (Italy)
  • EBPsteps: a mobile application to support the process of EBP
    Nina Rydland Olsen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Norway)
  • To create Evidence Based Medicine Ireland (EBMI)
    Eve O'Toole, National Cancer Control Programme (Ireland)
  • Outcomes of a diabetes care implementation cluster trial in Indigenous health
    Christine Paul, University of Newcastle (Australia)
  • Embedding smoking cessation support in cancer care clinics in Australia
    Christine Paul, University of Newcastle (Australia)
  • Promoting knowledge transfer for quality improvement interventions: a validated literature search, screening, and critical appraisal method
    Lisa Rubenstein, RAND Corporation (USA)
  • Unpublished trials in molluscum contagiosum: a case study in publication bias
    Johannes Van Der Wouden, VU University Medical Center (Netherlands)
  • Russian Society of Evidence Based Medicine: 15 years of education
    Vasiliy Vlassov, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russian Federation)
  • Scoping reviews of research literature to inform rehabilitation clinicians about functional outcomes for patients with burn and spinal cord Injury
    Ali Weinstein, George Mason University (USA)
  • Medicines wastage and its association with adherence, beliefs about medicines and locus of control in patients suffering from chronic conditions
    Lorna Marie West, University of Malta (Malta)
  • Challenges facing non-indigenous researchers undertaking research in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
    Imelda Williams, Monash University (Australia)

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