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After more than two decades of evidence-based health care every national health care service still faces five outstanding problems:
  • Variation in utilization of health care services that cannot be explained by variation in patient illness or patient preferences
  • Patient harm from overdiagnosis and overtreatment
  • Inequity from underuse of high value health services by certain social groups
  • Failure to prevent diseases
  • Waste, anything that does not add value to the outcome for patients

Moreover, every national health service must address the new challenges of rising need and demand, which in most countries will increase faster than the available resources. They will therefore not be able to be solved by the injection of more money, both because they have less money and because they have developed and persisted in an era of growth in investment that will never be repeated.

Most of the wastes in health care are due to overuse, underuse and misuse of drugs, diagnostic tests and other health interventions, not only because of gaps between research and practice, but also for inadequate processes of evidence generation, synthesis, presentation and translation.

As the sustainability of national health services is a global challenge and an evidence-based, cost-conscious, patient-centered and high value health care is the main goal of every national health service, the aim of the Conference is to promote an evidence-based approach to healthcare to increase value and reduce waste.

General EBHC topics

  • Evidence generation: experiences or methodologies to increase value and reduce waste of health research
  • Evidence synthesis: methodological issues for systematic reviews, guidelines, or health technology assessments
  • Evidence presentation: presenting evidence to clinicians, patients, or policy makers
  • Evidence translation: integrating evidence into patient, professional, managerial, or policy decisions
  • Education to EBP/EBHC: educating/training students, professionals, and the public in evidence-based decision making

Specific Conference topics

  • Overuse, underuse and misuse of health care
  • Low-value health care lists: development, and implementation
  • Organizational interventions to increase value and reduce wastes

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