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About GIMBE Foundation


To improve people health and make better use of economic resources fostering an evidence-based, high-value, cost-conscious health care.


Through education and research GIMBE Foundation aims to:
  • improve methodological quality, ethics, integrity and social value of health research
  • make continuing medical education a self-directed lifelong learning process integrated into clinical practice
  • integrate the best evidence in all health care decision-making (professional, managerial, political)
  • improve the quality of health care in terms of safety, efficacy, appropriateness, equity, consumer involvement, efficiency, value

Know How

GIMBE know-how matches all health care professions and all organizational levels of the healthcare system:
  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Research Methodology
  • Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development
  • Clinical Governance
  • Evidence-based Management and Policy Making


Since 1996 GIMBE Foundation has spread its know-how through educational, editorial and research activities in order to meet needs and challenges of Italian healthcare system.

With hundreds of CME workshops and advanced courses GIMBE Foundation concurred to train thousands of health professionals, assigning more than 150.000 CME credits. The annual GIMBE National Conference offers to health professionals a unique showcase to share experiences and excellence projects realized by Italian healthcare organizations.

GIMBE Foundation offers the Italian National Health System its methodological competences to design and coordinate projects of research, health care quality improvement, continuing education and professional development.

GIMBE Foundation projects and publications make best evidence available for all stakeholders of the healthcare system: policy makers, managers, professionals, patients.

GIMBE Foundation cooperates with national and international research, training and health policy organizations, in order to improve CME efficacy, research integrity, healthcare quality.

GIMBE Foundation joint projects (EU-EBM) and realized international publications (Sicily Statement on Evidence-based Practice) aimed to standardize teaching Evidence-based Practice.

GIMBE Foundation is founding member of the Guidelines International Network and of the International Society for Evidence-based Health Care.

More info: www.gimbe.org

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