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Abstracts can be submitted only through the abstract submission form within 31st March 2017.
Authors will receive the notification of abstracts fate within 30th April 2017.


The scientific board will welcome abstracts concerning:

Evidence generation
Experiences or methodologies to increase value and reduce waste of health research according to REWARD recommendations areas

  • Increase relevance of research
    • Involving clinicians and patients to define priority of primary research
    • Designing research with reference to systematic reviews of existing evidence
    • Real world evidence (pragmatic trials, big data)
  • Improve research design, conduct and analysis
    • Taking adequate steps to reduce biases
    • Improving replication of preliminary research results
  • Guarantee an efficient research regulation and delivery
    • Appropriate regulation of research
    • Efficient delivery of research
    • Good re-use of data
  • Provide accessible, full research reports
    • Reducing publication and reporting biases
    • Reporting studies with disappointing results
    • Using guidelines for research reporting
  • Produce unbiased and usable research reports
    • Description of trial interventions
    • Reducing outcome reporting bias
    • Interpreting research in the context of systematic relevant evidence

Evidence Synthesis

Methodologic challenges of systematic reviews, clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), health technology assessment (HTA) reports

  • Methods for conducting evidence synthesis
    • Involvement of stakeholders
    • Including different kinds of evidence
    • Searching and information retrieval
    • Assessing methodological quality of primary studies
    • Statistical issues
    • Updating strategies of evidence syntheses
  • Improving conduction and reporting of evidence synthesis
  • Assessment tools for evidence synthesis
  • Local adapting of CPGs and HTA reports
  • Creation, publication and updating of synthesis in the digital age
  • Consumer and patient involvement in evidence synthesis
  • Managing conflicts of interest in evidence synthesis

Evidence translation

Experiences or methodologies to integrate best evidence in healthcare decisions and communication

  • Priority setting for evidence translation
  • Research design to evaluate effect of dissemination and implementation strategies
  • Quality improvement methods and performance measurements
  • Building capacity for dissemination and implementation
  • Reducing overuse and underuse in healthcare
  • Changing professional behaviours
  • Evidence-based policymaking: from laws/guidance to practice impact
  • Tools for consumers to promote evidence literacy and shared decision –making: patients decision aids, social media, evidence-based journalism
  • Advocating for evidence

Submission guidelines


For the future of evidence-based healthcare the scientific board will welcome proposals for disruptive innovations that create a new market and value network.
Submission guidelines

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