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Dear All,

Here in Sicily we all agree that the Conference was one of the greatest event of EBMers life-time.

This is due only to your partecipation, interest, knowledge, kindness and open to different mentality, weather, culture, behaviour.

We hope to host, as promised, the Conference in 2005.

We are ready and you?

But next time, please, one week before the Conference we suggest to go on a very low calories diet (in this occasion your diet was – I hope - only post Conference)

Arrivederci a presto

together with
Annamaria, Daniela, Carolina, Bruna, Alessandra, Gianluca

Dr. Madelon Finkel

I want to congratulate the conference sponsors for hosting such a terrific event. The educational/professional content was excellent and the social program was amazing (quite tightly packed, however). In particular, I want to single out AnnaMaria and her staff for handing everything so beautifully.I certainly look forward to the next conference. Many thanks for a wonderful time in Sicily.

Anne 'O Sullivan
Hello Nino, just a quick email to say thank you for the wonderful experience of Sicilian hospitality. The conference was a wonderful oppertunity to share knowledge, and the social content was 'magnifico'...such excellent food and wine.
Hopefully we will manage to meet at the 3rd annual conference, and once again thanks to you, the steering group, Annamaria, and all the organisation team for your kindness.

Amit K Ghosh
Greeting.I have informed Dr Gharib about our meeting in Italy. He echoes my thought about your magnificance. Please convey my regards to Mrs. Cartabellota. Best wishes and thanks for everything.

Ulf Eriksson
Dear Nino!
I am very happy to have attended this conference. It was of great value to me and I will certainly try my very best to attend in 2005. Arrivederci, Vi ses!

Franz Porszolt, Christel Weiss, Aziz Awa and Horst Kunhard
Hi Nino,
I want to thank you and Josi for the warm hospitality and cosy athmosphere you provided. Your team met "German" standards of perfectionism and we, my team and I, want to thank all of you for this excellent meeting you organized. We tried to see how the attendees accepted the plenaries and the short presentations as well as the poster sessions. Our feeling is that we shall provide more room for discussion in small groups and reduce the time in plenaries. Of course we are glad to have the opportunity of organize an internationl conference but also like the idea very much that the subsequent meeting, 2005, will be in Sicily again. Thanks indeed for all your efforts and the great success you managed for us.

Nancy Spectory
It was wonderful! I met some great people, and I have already been in touch with some of them. Your country is beautiful--and your food is extraordinary. Thanks so very much. The conference was topnotch.
All the best

Aziz Awa
Hi Nino,
I just agree to what all other participants already said about the organisation of the EBHC-conference. It was a great success and I believe this conference will remind us to give our best whenever we want to organize such an event.
Please let us know as soon as you present the results of your photografic work as well. I am excited to see known faces and surroundings again.
All the best.

Richard Nicholl
Yes indeed . Was an excellent conference and my personal compliments to your self for the high standard of organisation. I would very much look forward to visiting beautiful Sicily again.

Claire Parkin
Unusually, it is sunny and warm here in the UK, however, the view from my office window of a busy London high street is somewhat removed from the beautiful outlook over Sicilia from Utvegio Castle!
I hope the Committee, plus Annamaria et al and yourself, are proud of what you achieved in Sicily.
The conference, the hotel, the location and of course Sicilian hospitality and food were all superb.
I look forward to seeing if Franz and colleagues can meet the challenge and maintain your high standards in Munich next year!
I met many great people from around the globe and look forward to exciting future collaborations.
Kind regards.

Penny Gardinier
Dear Nino,
We really apprecitaed all your hard work, and all the lovely food. The diet started on Monday!
Best wishes

Kenneth Yew
Bravo for a wonderfully well organized conference and SUPER care of all the participants.

Francesco Nonino
Dear Nino,
Sandra and I both enjoyed the Sicilian experience. I hope that the seeds thrown during the conference will grow into a productive network allowing to keep in touch with the great people I had the chance to meet. A special thank to Annamaria, Daniela, Carolina, Bruna, Alessandra, Gianluca and your wife for being always so efficient and kind. Looking forward to next conference.
PS: diet? Who wants a diet?

Tara Dean
it was a great conference and we had a great time. Your hospitality was the best.
My sandwich lunch today appeared so inadequate!!!
See you soon and thank you again.

Frances Gardner
Dear Nino,
I would like to thank you so much for bringing us to such a wonderful place for a conference!
The hotel, the castle, the restaurants and the tours were all utterly and completely wonderful and beautiful. I particularly loved the setting of the Antica Focacceria and the sunset over the place on the north coast fishing port with the fish restaurant... and the wonderful mountains on both sides of the hotel La Torre- ..... I could go on and on and on....
And, it was a great conference!
We would love to come back- to EBHC, and for more holidays as well
Thank you for showing us such a lovely place
I hope you will come for dinner when you are next in Oxford

Joanne Cleary
Ciao Nino,
I just want to e-mail you to thank you for organising such a wonderful and enriching conference. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it both stimulating and challenging. It has certainly got me thinking and has provided a fresh and exciting direction for my career.
I also enjoyed meeting you, your team and all the other attendees, which added to the fun and entertainment.
Speaking of entertainment, thank you for capturing the essence of the Sicilian experience for us in the choice of restaurants and excursions we enjoyed. You clearly put in a tremendous amount of work and your assistants were all so very pleasant, helpful and professional. So, a very big thank you to you all!!
I look forward to viewing the report on the website and indeed to attending the conference in the future. In the meantime take care and thanks again.
Slan agus beannacht [Irish for goodbye and God bless] :-)

Michel Labreque
Thank you Nino for this marvelous organization.
You are welcome to Canada anytime.
Au revoir

Luz Maria Letelier (Lula)
Dear Nino,
I just came back from a 2 week holiday. So better late than never I wanted to thank you for the great hospitality, organization, food, scenery, socials, and on and on. Everything was spectacular and of course the Conference was great and very useful for new ideas.
Please extend this to the Organizing team who were so kind and patient and also to the Steering Committe. Looking forward for a next Conference

Simon French & Simone Marshall
Dear Nino,
Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful conference.
We (my wife Simone Marshall and I) really enjoyed ourselves and came away with lots of enthusiasm and useful knowledge that we are taking back to our work in Australia.
After the conference we had 10 days to tour your beautiful Sicily. We climbed Mt Etna, visited the lovely Cephalu and Syracuse, and lay on the beach at Panarea.
We continued to consume copious amounts of the delicious food and have not managed to start our diets yet!
Thanks again and hopefully we will see you again in 2 years time - I am hoping to convince more of my organisation to come over for that one.

Stanley R. Robertson
I wanted to thank you for all your efforts in putting together such a wonderful, informative conference. This was also our first time to Italy, and the experience was wonderful. Your planning, organization, and hospitality was superb!!
Thanks for the wonderful time and for your help.

Inge, Bente, Lise and Ane
Hi Nino,
The four participants from Denmark want to congratulate you all with an excellent conference.
You made us feel very welcome and we all enjoyed the program, the company, the food and wine and - not to forget - your beautiful island.
Thanks for an unforgetable time

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