GIMBE Foundation and the International Society for Evidence-based Health Care wish to thank all speakers and delegates who made the EBHC International Joint Conference a great success.

The Conference aimed to promote an evidence-based approach to healthcare, education and research, because evidence should inform all health care decisions at every level: patients, health care professionals and policy-makers.

With 6 keynote lectures, 36 oral presentations and more than 50 posters, the Conference has highlighted the key role of Evidence-based Health Care to address the global challenge of the sustainability of health services by:

  • Producing and using high-quality and trustworthy EVIDENCE: primary research, systematic reviews;
  • Delivering an evidence-based, high-value, cost-conscious healthcare applying the systemic approach to clinical GOVERNANCE, which integrates synergic tools: Evidence-based Practice, clinical practice guidelines and care pathways, clinical audit and quality measures, risk management, health technology assessment, CME and CPD, patient involvement
  • Measuring the PERFORMANCE of healthcare for accountability and openness, through multidimensional sets of indicators: safety, efficacy, appropriateness, patient involvement, equity and accessibility, efficiency, productivity

Of course, Sicilian land with its perfumes, colors, sun, sea and tasty cuisine made the rest of the success!

Looking forward to meeting you…

Save the date: 7th EBHC International Conference. Taormina, 28th – 31st October 2015

Nino Cartabellotta
GIMBE Foundation (Italy)
Conference Chair

Paul Glasziou
Bond University (Australia)
Chair of the Scientific Program Committee

on behalf of the ISEHC Board

7th EBHC International Conference
Taormina, 28th – 31st October 2015